It's about more than coffee.

It's about supporting your volunteers. It's about helping you raise money. It's about keeping your community happy and engaged. We work with your ministry on multiple fronts to build community.

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    We Support Your Mission

    Christian principles direct everything we do, from sourcing to service. We even partner with Church mission groups for our Ounce-For-Ounce Promise.

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    We Lead Your Volunteers

    We help your volunteers serve your church better, and your managers lead them better. Our content catalogue is an incredible resource, even used by the Gloo network.

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    We Fundraise With You

    Our churches' communities love the coffee so much they want it at home. So our Tithing Together plan give back, directly to each church, for their specific needs.

    Tithing Together

Every ounce of our coffee is answered in clean water for thirsty mouths who need it. We promise.

We work with our partner church's missions to bring Christ's Living Water all over the world. Do you have a mission we can help with?


Mission-backed coffee with ethical and organic sourcing. See all the inspirational product...


We extend our reach with the faith and values-based communities however we can. Learn more about these incredible organizations.



We'll pay for your next Sunday's service. Get some divinely inspired coffee on us. Message us below!


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At Promised Grounds,we're a Christian coffeecompany devoted to enhancing the lives of churches andbelievers through the finest coffee beans and blends. As Christian coffee roasters,our commitment to greatness and integrity shines through in every cup, craftingexceptional coffees that delight the taste buds andsymbolize our core values.

Our Christian coffee shop extends beyond merely serving coffee; its a haven where friendships are nurtured, and faith is celebrated. The selection of our beans and our meticulous roasting process is intensely influenced by our spirit of devotion and dedication. Understanding the significance of discernment in coffee selection, we provide a variety specially curated for churches and Christian communities, ensuring each cup reflects our collective beliefs and values.

With a trustworthy dedication to quality and our deep-rooted Christian mission, every purchase from Promised Grounds supports a company aligned with your faith and your love for excellent coffee. Move beyond just avoiding bad coffee; at Promised Grounds, every cup is a celebration of God’s goodness and the fellowship we share. As devout Christian coffee roasters, we operate our shop with a stead fast commitment to avoiding compromise in quality. We understand the disappointment that comes from buying bad coffee, which is why we meticulously select only the finest beans to roast.

At Promised Grounds, we recognize the importance of consistency in quality, ensuring that you never have to endure a subpar cup of coffee. Our dedication to excellence means that you can trust us to deliver exceptional coffee every time, avoiding the disappointment of settling for anything less.

By choosing Promised Grounds, you're not just buying coffee; you're investing in a company that shares your values and dedication to quality. With each purchase, you're supporting a Christian mission that seeks to spread joy through the simple pleasure of a perfect cup of coffee.