He reigns. We pour.

Ours is a story of a thousand characters.

The farmer, the roaster, the thirsty villager

grateful for Living Water. But it started

with just a couple families, from

Venice Beach to Rwanda.

Waking Up

As so many people’s motivations do, the beginnings come from faith. A faith in our God and in the world he created. You see our love for this promised ground and His living water in every part of our brand. And back in 2020, one of our founders, Diemar Patiño, started his mornings every day with a surfboard and a cup of coffee. He was drinking in the world so to speak. He was an immigrant who'd found his way to America via South America and Europe, and that simple moment to reflect was what he needed to prepare for what was next. Awakening his body and his soul.

Our brand still carries the colors of those Pacific dawns. The sun rose and bounced off the ripples in the ocean… and the coffee. Big and small. It was the same sun that rose over the beans, and over the roasters, and over the neighbor who, one morning, asked Diemar about his faith. And after the two had shared their personal stories, what came out of it was a choice to commit their faithful passion into a daily craft and ritual: coffee.


With some supportive friends in Austin they roasted their first batch and delivered it to some local churches, where coffee means conversation and reflection. And where the task of supporting missionary work through craft was excitedly accepted. Promised Grounds was born.


Now our team travels the world collecting the stories of not only our customers (see our #GroundedMoments series), but our creators who work all corners of the planet. Arthur, who found god despite genocide in Rwanda, B who leaned on Christ during a terminal diagnosis in Minnesota, and the countless people from places in-between. We’ve met many of them on mission trips in Honduras and the Philippines. We’ve built personal relationships with farmers in Africa and Brazil. Our roasters are small America-based, from Austin to Missouri and California.


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