He reigns. We pour.

The Promised Grounds story of a thousand characters.

The farmer, the roaster, the thirsty villager grateful for
Living Water. But it started with one: Christ, and his effect
on a couple families, in Venice Beach, Hawaii, and Austin Texas.

Waking Up

Before there was coffee or a company, there was the Christian faith of the founders. You see our love for this promised ground and His Living Water in every part of our brand. And back in 2020, one father started his mornings every day with a surfboard and a cup of coffee, another with a prayer and a brew at his dining room table in Texas. They’d both drink in the world. They were simple moments to reflect on what was to come that day. They awakened the body and the soul. 

Our brand still carries the colors of those Pacific dawns and Texas sand. The sun rose and bounced off the southern hills, the ripples in the ocean… and the coffee. Big and small. It was the same sun that rose over the beans and over the roasters. Until a chance California encounter revealed a shared love of two things: God and coffee.

The founders then roasted their first batches in Austin and delivered it to some local churches There coffee means conversation and reflection; it means community. The task of supporting missionary work through craft was excitedly accepted. Promised Grounds was born.

Christ’s community is what we’re building at Promised Grounds. That’s why it’s important to the family men who started our company to answer each ounce with His Living Water. That’s why it’s important to build relationships with our customers. That’s why those customers started out as Churches. We focus intently, and know intimately, the needs of the church. We believe community is at the heart of the church’s story.

Now our team travels the world collecting the stories of not only those customers (see our #GroundedMoments series), but our creators who work all corners of the planet. We’ve met incredible people on mission trips in Honduras and the Philippines. We’ve built personal relationships with farmers in Rwanda and Brazil. Our roasters are small America-based, right in the heart of Texas. 

Check back to this page for beautiful stories as we gather them. 

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