Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink.

Every ounce of product we sell gets answered in clean water to those who need it. We promise.

JOHN 7:37

The Living Water

With God’s living water we can grow a global community of responsibility and grace. That’s what’s important to us. We partner with missions and churches in various parts of the world, and to date, we’ve already committed millions of gallons of clean water to the thirsty.

One in ten people need clean water.

The good news is that nine in ten people can help. That probably means you. When you brew Promised Grounds you know that every drop you use is getting returned to the nearly one billion people who need it in clean water. Sip and reflect. Not just on your life, but the lives you’re helping.

This is our mission.

Or we should say missions, plural. Because the way we help involves mission trips in central America, and soon, Africa. It’s important to us to not only spread God’s word but also His love and His intention. Through our partnerships with filter producers and local faith organizations our missions spread His Living Water.

Filtering out the noise.

For years well-intentioned services have brought bottled water to those in need, answering an immediate call with a long term problem. Aside from the logistical challenges involved in transporting that much freight, the plastic pollution not only dirties up already unlivable environments but actually contaminates our earth’s water by flowing back to our oceans. Our filter-first strategy gives communities resource to protect their health and
our planet.

Let's prosper.

If you’re firm in your conviction, we are too. As water flows down the river, across the banks, it leaves fruits and roots behind it. That’s our goal. It’s everyone’s isn’t it? To carve a path and leave the world a more fruitful place behind them. We’re happy you’re with us. Reach out to find out more, or to learn how you can help too.

Want to help us? Want us to help you?


That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither— whatever they do prospers.