What does it mean to operate a coffee
company, or any company really, within the
tenets of our Teacher? It starts with our
behavior, from organic farm to flavor.

Divinely Inspired Coffee

We approach each step of the process with respect and care because we’re not simply trying to operate within the boundaries of any government’s law, we’re operating within God’s law. We strive for direct line of sight between us and our organic farmers. We treat everyone along the bean procurement process with dignity and respect. We roast domestically for freshness and quality control.


We know that at the end of the day, we report to the highest authority.


The eyes of the Lord are everywhere.

We strive for direct line of sight between us and our farmers. And we’ve gone to great lengths to establish that. Traditional practices can leave bean farmers unprotected and uncared for. In the past, they may have been nameless participants in a crude process. So with expert consultants and critical oversight, we track our beans from soil to service. We have experienced experts who know the hills of Rwanda as well as the plains of Brazil. And the farmers who sow those hills are contacted directly, by name.


Honor everyone.

We’re people serving people. And we don’t lose sight of the people who serve us. We do our best to audit the farming communities and families we work with. Intricate sourcing maps and data sheets record the humans behind the harvests on farms from Africa to Central and South America. Unseemly conditions and behaviors have found their way into this industry in the past and we want every person, from bean to bounty, to be treated humanely and happily.


The Lord gets served first.

We’re committed to an Honest Supply Chain. We can’t serve Christ if we’re not doing our best to act like him. That means striving to care for our soils, our earth, our farmers, our roasters and everything else we touch along the way. Our Ounce-For-Ounce Promise returns water back to the people who need it. It serves to reduce missionary plastic waste. Our Green Coffee process keeps more beans fresher longer, maximizing the bounty.


Fired up at home.

We roast right here in America. While our beans may come from the skilled farmers in Ethiopa, Colombia or Brazil, they come in green and untouched. The flaming happens here under a master roaster, who attends to the perfect roast times for each blend or bean origin. We started our business in Austin, Texas, but we’ve worked with local roasters from the Missouri heartland to the hip Silver Lake streets of Los Angeles.

green beans

Keeping it green.

We get all our coffee in green, or in other words, unroasted. Of course that means it’s fresh, but it also means that the thousands of flavor variables in each bean’s origin can be handled by the same roaster. Each crop can be assessed based on the qualities of its flavor profile. This makes for an incredibly honest flavor. Our honest supply chain is followed from farm to flavor. Reach out to us with questions about the process.